Order an OpenCircle Mental Health First Aid Kit today!

Like other industries, our members can do more to bring mental health issues out into the open.  We’re committed to helping your teams with all facets of their health, including their mental health. 

The OpenCircle Mental Health First Aid Kit provides tools, suggestions and prompts to assist with mental health challenges you or someone you know may be experiencing. Each kit comes with 12 cards for different situations, outlining how best to manage in the moment and providing connections to professional support.

*This doesn’t replace professional mental health treatment. The OpenCircle Mental Health First Aid Kit is meant for individual situations and short-term strategies.


For your workplace.

The OpenCircle Mental Health First Aid Kit can help your team normalize self-care in the workplace. The kit contains tips to encourage open conversations about mental health and building better mental health resilience, ensuring challenges can be better addressed and supports are easy to find.

For your home.

Mental health can also affect home life. The OpenCircle Mental Health First Aid Kit helps by keeping tools and support nearby. This means you’re able to care for yourself or family members when needed, and decide what further support you may wish to seek.

What’s inside?

Each kit contains 12 individual cards for navigating mental health-related situations. Some have tips for everyday stress relief. Others include prompts and advice on what to do in a mental health crisis. There is also a mental health self-assessment quiz for pinpointing your current mental health state.