Plan Details

Comprehensive Benefit plans for employees of member companies

The Hour Bank and Office Supervisory Plans include:

  • life insurance
  • accidental death and dismemberment insurance
  • extended health care (incl. vision care)
  • dental care
  • disability benefits
  • an Employee Assistance Program
  • Teladoc Medical Experts

Existing employees also have Optional Benefits available to them to enhance their existing coverage.

OpenCircle Benefits also has a plan option available for retired members of the Hour Bank and Office Supervisory Plans.  The Retiree Benefit Plan provides extended health care coverage and Teladoc Medical Experts, and members have the option to add dental care benefits.

Benefit Plan Details

Benefits plans built for you

Our team is pleased to answer any of your questions or concerns from 6:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Mountain Time. They are available at:

P: 780.455.5845 (Edmonton Area)
TF: 1.877.263.7266

Designed for hourly workers, the OpenCircle Hour Bank Benefit Plan is portable between OpenCircle Member companies, across Canada, with an Hour Bank Plan.

Employers report each hour worked by each employee, which is banked in the employee’s account. To pay for benefits, 150 hours are deducted monthly from employee’s Hour Bank account. Excess hours are banked and can be used for future use to pay for benefits during periods of unemployment or reduced work hours,  for example. When Hour Bank account falls below 150 hours, the employee may self pay benefits for up to six consecutive months.

For more information on the Hour Bank Benefit Plan for existing members, contact OpenCircle Benefits.

Designed for office and administration staff who work a minimum average of 25 hours per week, the Office Supervisory Benefit Plan operates like a traditional benefit plan and provides mirrored coverages as those  available under the Hour Bank Benefit Plan.

Life and Disability coverage are based on salary, and employees are covered until age 71 (with the exception of Disability).

To have access to the Office Supervisory Benefit Plan, you must have an existing Hour Bank Benefit Plan with OpenCircle. To inquire about your Office Supervisory Benefit Plan, or to add this plan for your office employees, please contact our benefits team.

Available to retired employees between ages 55 and 89, the Retiree Benefit Plan offers flexible coverage options and no medical underwriting required, ensuring your coverage will continue to meet your needs well into retirement.

Retirees are eligible to join within 90 days of terminating their Hour Bank or Office Supervisory Benefit plan coverage.

Please contact our team for more information on:

  • Participation rules
  • Coverage summaries and benefit booklet
  • Rates

The Hour Bank and Office Supervisory Benefit Plans include a comprehensive selection of life and accidental death and dismemberment (“AD&D”) benefits.  However, employees may wish to enhance their existing benefits or add additional coverage on an individual basis.

The following Optional Benefits are available to existing Hour Bank and Office Supervisory Plan participants. Please contact our membership team for more information on:

  • Optional Life Insurance
  • Optional AD&D Insurance
  • Optional Critical Illness Insurance